Looking to bring back some of the volume your face has lost over the years? Perhaps you’re looking for a way to fight the visible signs of aging or just want more volume in your lips. No matter what your reasons are, Restylane might be the solution for you. Our team at Madison Medispa in Waunakee, WI is ready to help you achieve your goals!

Restylane: The Basics

The secret to this anti-aging solution is a gel made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring compound in your body. This gel is used to add volume to your skin, smoothing out wrinkles and giving you a more youthful appearance. By adding volume under your skin, the treated areas appear plumper and healthier look, enhancing the overall appearance of your face.

By using naturally occurring compounds, this treatment restores collagen in areas of your face where signs of aging can be seen, reversing the natural aging process. With results as subtle or as noticeable as you want, this simple and quick treatment provides a convenient anti-aging solution.

Benefits of Treatment

You’ll enjoy a wide range of benefits when using this anti-aging solution. More volume will be noticeable in your cheeks, giving your face a more youthful look and feel. You’ll also notice fine lines and wrinkles around your forehead and your mouth will be smoothed out. Your lips can also benefit from added volume to either the bottom lip, top lip, or both.

Another benefit this treatment offers is how flexible it is for you to use. You can tailor the results to suit your needs, adding volume to the parts of your face that you feel need it the most. It will also be complete in just minutes, so you can continue on in your busy life with no distraction. This makes it much more convenient for busy people compared to other treatments.

Things To Expect During Treatment

Our certified nurse injector will work with you to discuss your particular goals and needs from treatment when you come into our office. Any areas being treated will also be cleansed to remove any oil, dirt, or makeup that may interfere with treatment. Next, the solution is injected into the areas you wish to be treated. After those simple steps, you’ll already notice your anti-aging results. With no downtime required after the treatment, you’ll be immediately ready to get back to your busy life.

Treatment FAQ

Is Treatment Painful?

While other anti-aging treatments can often come with painful side effects, this treatment is simple and painless. It offers a non-invasive and non-surgical option that still gets results. You’ll get the look you desire without any of the pain you might expect involved!

Is This Treatment Right for Me?

Our team of professionals will work with you prior to treatment to ensure this is the right solution for you. Anyone looking to remove wrinkles or add some volume to their face or lips may find this solution to be a strong choice. All different skin types can benefit from this treatment, as well.

Is This Treatment Strictly for Women?

No, this Restylane treatment can be beneficial for anyone. Anybody who is looking for a non-surgical method of removing fine lines and wrinkles or adding volume to their face is an ideal candidate. These types of concerns aren’t limited to either men or women, so both can benefit from this Restylane treatment.

Does Treatment Come With Any Downtime?

Because this treatment doesn’t require surgery, there is no downtime involved. Injectable treatments like this have the added benefit of not requiring any downtime afterward. You’ll be able to continue your day-to-day routine just the same as you did before treatment. You won’t have to make plans to take time to recover after this treatment!

This ease of use is one of the major benefits of using this injectable. With so much going on in your busy life, other treatments that require lengthy downtimes are just too inconvenient. This treatment allows you to get back to your day-to-day life immediately after receiving it.

How Should I Prepare for Treatment?

In most cases, this injectable treatment requires no special preparation. If there is any prep work required from you, our team will let you know in advance of your scheduled treatment time. In most cases, you’ll just need to show up and let our experts take care of the rest. Usually, you won’t need to take any skincare precautions ahead of your treatment.

What To Do After Treatment

For 24 hours after receiving your injection, it is recommended that you avoid direct exposure to sunlight or simply use sunscreen. It is also advisable to avoid strenuous physical activity for 24 hours after your treatment, as well. Besides these basic requirements, there’s no need for any special care for your skin after receiving treatment.

Will Treatment Cause Dry Skin?

No, you won’t find your skin dries out from using this anti-aging solution. Many who receive this injection actually notice the opposite; their skin retains more moisture than before receiving the treatment.

The hyaluronic acid that this solution is based on binds water, allowing for my hydrated skin after treatment. Your skin will look more moisturized than ever before once you’ve completed your treatment.

Is This Medication Safe?

Yes, this anti-aging solution has been approved by the FDA and tested for safety. This treatment is so safe that you can actually have multiple areas treated during the same session, so be sure to bring up every area you wish to be treated during your pre-treatment consultation!

Will It Work for Very Deep Wrinkles?

This treatment works to remove even the deepest wrinkles and fine lines from your face. You’ll immediately notice more volume in the areas that receive treatment, smoothing out even deep wrinkles from your skin. If you have any concerns about what areas of your face can benefit from this treatment, simply bring them up to our team during your pre-treatment consultation.

What Areas Can This Treatment Be Used For?

This Restylane treatment is highly safe, so pretty much any area of your face can benefit from it. Most commonly, people use this injection for their forehead, mouth area, and lips. But if there are any other areas that you would like to see benefit from this treatment, mention them during your consultation and our experts will determine whether or not this treatment could help them.

Will My Skin Look Unnatural?

Your treatment can be changed to suit your exact needs to give you the look you’re after. The results will give you a look that is still the natural you, just with more volume and fewer wrinkles. Your treatment will only be applied to the areas you want to firm up, giving you a result that is of your own determination. Let our team know during your consultation if you want a more natural look, and they’ll tailor the treatment to get your desired goal. Conversely, a more dramatic look in the lip area, for example, is also a possibility.

How Long Do Results Take?

One amazing benefit of this treatment is that results are noticeable from the moment you receive the injection. You’ll see those results last for up to two weeks after your treatment, too. You’ll notice volumizing results right away, and more can be added as needed with follow-up treatments.

How Long Does This Treatment Last?

One session of this Restylane treatment will continue to show age-defying results for a lengthy time. Some people who received this treatment have seen results last a year or even longer. The length of your results will vary depending on a number of factors. Our team will work with you to set expectations about how long you can expect your results to be noticeable.

How Frequently Can I Use This Restylane Treatment?

The answer to that question will also change depending on who is receiving treatment. Usually, once every four months is a good interval for this treatment, but your specific case may vary. Some people will have to wait longer while others may be able to receive treatment sooner than that. You’ll get a clear answer for how long you should wait during your consultation.

You’ll get a clear answer for how long you should wait during your consultation. Like with every aspect of your treatment, our team will be there with you to provide step-by-step guidance on the optimal times for you to receive treatments to get your best results.

Is Treatment Time Consuming?

You’ll have your Restylane treatment done in right around 30 minutes. It’s quick and convenient enough that you could even get the treatment done on your lunch break. While other treatments are time-consuming, this one is over and done with quickly.

Can Multiple Areas Be Treated At Once?

Yes, if you want multiple areas treated at the same time, that is possible. You’ll be able to smooth out wrinkles and lines on your forehead while also adding some volume to your lips. This safe and efficient treatment allows you to get results on multiple areas of your face all in one session.

Will This Treatment Work Anywhere Besides My Face?

Yes, other areas, such as your hands, can also benefit from using this injectable. During your consultation with our team, you’ll be able to go over any other areas that you think could benefit from treatment.

Does This Treatment Truly Work?

The results of this treatment speak for themselves, unlike the big promises made by other fad anti-aging solutions. While other solutions make big promises, Restylane is able to deliver tangible results. You can see before and after photos of other satisfied users of this treatment to see for yourself.

Is This Treatment Superior to Other Injectable Solutions?

While Restylane is a quality treatment option, whether it’s the best or not depends on your specific concerns and goals. This makes a great option for anyone concerned with their skin or lips’ volume or they wish to fill out wrinkles and lines. We’ll help you find the best solution for you when you meet with our team of professionals.

Turn Back The Clock Today

Anyone looking to add volume to areas of their face or lips or are looking to smooth out wrinkles or fine lines, this injectible is a solution that you need to consider. You’ll work with our team of professionals to ensure that you get the most out of this cutting-edge anti-aging solution. Schedule your consultation at Madison Medispa in Waunakee, WI today and get back to your best self!