If you have a fun, active lifestyle, you probably don’t want to spend your time and energy removing unwanted hair from your face, legs, and other areas of your body. At-home hair removal techniques can be ineffective and uncomfortable, but you can quickly fix this problem by getting laser hair removal treatments at Madison Medispa in Waunakee, Wisconsin.

How Permanent Is Laser Hair Removal?

At-home hair removal methods are usually not very good at addressing your unwanted hair. For example, if you shave or wax your legs, the unwanted hair in this area of your body will grow back very quickly. Conversely, if you use professional laser hair removal treatments, you will not have to deal with this issue.  After you complete your treatment plan, the growth of your unwanted hair will be permanently reduced, and if any of your unwanted hair returns, the new hair will be very light and fine.

How Many Hair Removal Treatments Will I Need?

To achieve the best outcome, you will need to receive multiple laser treatments. Your hair goes through three different stages during every growth cycle. These stages are called the anagen stage, the catagen stage, and the telogen stage. During the anagen stage, your hairs will be actively growing. Lasers can only affect hairs that are in the active phase of the growth cycle.  Since your individual hairs will enter this stage at different times, receiving multiple treatments spread out over time will allow us to target a larger proportion of the hairs in your treatment area. In general, you will need to get four to eight laser sessions for an effective, long-lasting result. You will need to wait about six weeks between each of your hair removal appointments.

What Techniques Can I Use to Fix My Unwanted Hair?

We can use a specialized laser or a broadband light device to remove unwanted hair. Each of these techniques will send light energy into your body. When this energy reaches the target hair follicles, the melanin in your hair follicles will absorb the light energy, increasing the temperature of your hair follicles and causing injury to the individual hairs in the treated area. The damaged follicles will no longer produce hair, and over time this will result in a permanent reduction of the amount of unwanted hair in your treatment area.

What Should I Do Before My Initial Hair Removal Appointment?

Before you receive your first hair removal treatment, you should protect your skin by following a couple of simple rules.

Don’t Tan

You should avoid exposing the skin on your body to harsh sunlight. In addition, you should not use tanning beds or tanning lotion. Since the energy that you receive during your treatment is attracted to the darker pigmentation in your target area, you might damage your tissues if you have a tan during your treatment.

Don’t Wax, Tweeze, or Thread

In addition to staying out of the sun, you’ll need to stop waxing, tweezing, or threading your unwanted hairs. Using these methods to remove the hair in your treatment area will eliminate the follicles that our light energy will target during your sessions. As a result, these techniques will make your treatments less effective.

How Long Will My Appointment Take to Complete?

The duration of your treatment will be based on the amount of hair that you would like us to remove. If you are removing hair from a small area of your body, such as your lips or chin, your treatment might take about 15 minutes to finish. Treating the hair on a larger area of your body can take up to 120 minutes.

What Will Happen During My Hair Removal Appointment?

We will begin by examining your hair and skin. We will also discuss your aesthetic objectives and review your medical background to ensure that you are a good candidate for this treatment. Next, we will select a removal method and give you special gear that will protect your eyes during the removal process.  Once you have put on your protective eye gear, we will use our broadband light or laser device to send energy into your hair follicles. Since we will adjust our device to fit the condition of your skin and hair, you’ll feel relaxed while we treat your unwanted hair. After we complete this process, you will be able to get up, leave our office, and continue with the rest of your plans for the day.

Will I Have a Long Period of Downtime After I Treat My Unwanted Hair?

Our hair removal treatments use gentle energy to selectively target your unwanted hair, and you will have a very minimal recovery period. In particular, you will not need to take a break from your job or schoolwork after you get your treatments.

Protecting Your Skin

Although you don’t need to make major changes to your usual routine, you can decrease your recovery time by following a few simple instructions. You will need to avoid exposing the skin in your treated area to very strong sunlight. If you are going outside, you should apply sunscreen to your treatment area. Further, you should not take a very hot shower or go into a sauna for the next several days.

Managing Your Unwanted Hair

While you are completing your treatment plan, you should not tweeze, thread, or wax your unwanted hair. Although you should avoid using these hair removal methods, you don’t have to grow out your unwanted hair between your appointments. Instead, you can maintain your smooth skin by shaving away these hairs. This at-home removal method will improve your appearance without disrupting your professional treatments.

How Quickly Will I See Changes in My Unwanted Hair?

It’s common to experience a noticeable decrease in the quantity and thickness of your unwanted hair after you get one laser hair removal treatment. As you continue to receive treatments, the amount of hair in your target area will continue to decrease, and your skin will start to look smoother.  Since this process will take a while to complete, you should plan ahead if you are trying to remove most of your unwanted hair by a certain date. For example, if you want to complete this process before you go on a vacation, you’ll need to begin your treatments several months before your vacation is scheduled to begin.

Who Can Use This Hair Removal Technique?

Since we can use a variety of different techniques to fix unwanted hairs, this treatment works for all different skin types. That said, these treatments work best on dark hair. We cannot use these techniques to remove white or blond hair.  Our hair removal treatments can eliminate unwanted hair in many different areas of your body. We can remove hair from your back, legs, arms, and bikini area. In addition, we can remove unwanted facial hair from your neck, chin, and lips.

Remove Your Unwanted Hair

Unwanted hair on your face, arms, or legs can keep you from feeling confident in your appearance.  Removing your unwanted hair by yourself can be very time-consuming and tiring. Our Laser Hair Removal Wisconsin treatments will create a lasting reduction in the amount of hair in any target area. To schedule a hair removal treatment, contact us at Madison Medispa in Waunakee, Wisconsin.