Coronavirus and Office Saftey Update

June 2, 2021 Update: Our entire office staff has been fully vaccinated and with the lifting of the Dane County mask mandate, the use of masks is now optional for vaccinated patients when visiting our office.  If you would feel safer if your staff member wears a mask while they are providing your treatment or service, just ask and we are more than happy to do so!  As always, please stay home if you are feeling sick and we will be happy to reschedule your appointment!

Coronavirus and Office Saftey Update

11/11/20 Update:  With the worsening spread of Coronavirus throughout the state, we wanted to take a moment to update you on how we are continuing to work to keep our patients and our staff safe.  To begin, we continue to limit the number of patients we see per day in addition to limiting the number of staff here each day.  Currently, we are only scheduling 2 active staff providers to be here each day in addition to our office manager, Tracy.  This has allowed us to utilize our new larger space very effectively to keep everyone separated, effectively splitting the treatment rooms into a front and back area with each treating provider effectively having their own space.  We are also continuing to place large gaps between our patients to give us enough time to sterilize the rooms we use between every patient, and also allow us to avoid more that a single person being at the front desk at one time.  Recently, N95 masks have become more widely available, and we have been able to upgrade from the KN95 masks we were using during the initial shortage period, in addition to ongoing use face shields and our surgical grade air filter in rooms where our patients need to temporarily remove their mask because they are having a procedure completed on their face.  As always, if you are feeling sick, please stay home, and as a reminder we do require our patients to wear masks (properly fitted over their mouth and nose) when coming to their appointment.  Please stay safe and be kind to one another!

Coronavirus and Office Saftey Update

May 2020:  Madison Medispa is currently targeting June 1st as our re-opening date, and on behalf of our entire staff, I want you to know how excited we are to start seeing you again!  Furthermore, we want you to know we have to been using the last 2-months to review and implement best practices for office saftey during the coronavirus pandemic in order to make your next visit to our office both enjoyable and safe.  Our complete Coronavirus office policies are listed below, but there are a few key things you should know:

Coronavirus and Office Saftey General Policies:

First, please stay home if you are sick.  We will be doing pre-appointment screenings, and forehead temperature checks upon your arrival, but the best thing we all can do is stay home if we are not feeling well.

Second, please wear a mask to your appointment if you have one.  If you don’t have one, we may provide you with one to wear while you are here, depending on what you are having done at your visit.

Third, our waiting rooms are closed, so please come to your appointment alone, or ask anyone who comes along with you to wait outside.  We currently will not allow friends, family, or children in the office.  (If you are the parent of a minor that is treating with us, you may accompany them.)

Fourth, if you arrive to our office more than 10-minutes prior to your appointment, please phone in and speak with Tracy to make sure your room is clean and ready to go!  Our goal is to have a clean, disinfected room ready for every patient immediately upon their arrival so if you are early, just let us know so we can confirm a room is ready for you.

Finally, we are limiting the number of staff in the office, and the number of patients we see in a day, so bear with us when you are scheduling.  We are simply trying to keep everyone as safe as possible!


COVID-19 Pandemic-Office Policies and Procedures

  • Patient Communication: At the time of scheduling an appointment, patients will be emailed the COVID-19 Pandemic-Patient Disclosure form to review/complete prior to their appointment.  Patients will be contacted one day prior to their scheduled appointment for telephone screening, the questions that will be asked are those listed on the COVID-19 Pandemic-Patient Disclosure and Screening form. Patients answering yes to any of the screening questions will be rescheduled 30-days out or 14-days after symptoms resolve. When scheduling, patients will be notified of the following: We encourage all patients to wear a mask to their appointment. Patient forehead temperatures will be taken upon arrival for an appointment. Waiting rooms are closed so friends and family members need to remain outside or in their vehicle.  If a patient arrives more than 10-minutes prior to their appointment we ask them to wait in their vehicle until 10-minutes before their appointment or call into the office to make sure their room is ready.  
  • Patient Appointment limitations: We will resume operations on a limited basis. No more than 2 providers will be in the office each day.  Number of appointments per day will be limited and will never be scheduled back to back. A minimum of 15-minutes will be scheduled between each appointment to allow for thorough cleaning sanitation of rooms and equipment.
  • Modified Patient Check-In/Check-Out: Waiting rooms are closed. Patients arriving more than 10-minutes prior to their appointment will be asked to wait in their vehicle. Patients will be roomed as soon as they enter the office and all paperwork will be completed in the treatment room. If there should be more than one patient waiting to be checked in or checked out, one chair in the front reception area may be used for patient overflow in order to maintain social distancing.  
  • Office Entry Restricted:  Only patients may enter the office for appointments, the ONLY exception is for those patients who require an interpreter or the parent of a minor. Family, friends, or caregivers will need to wait outside of the office. They can assist a patient to the front door if needed and hand off to a staff member.
  • Removal of Non-Essential Items:  All non-clinical items will be removed from reception areas.  Product samples, magazines, books, etc.
  • Supply Deliveries:  All supply deliveries should be taken to their appropriate storage location by the single person who will be storing the supplies. The outer package should be opened, and the staff member should then wash their hands prior to handling the contents inside the box.  Items should be put away avoiding touching the outside of the outer box or packaging.  The outer box or packaging should then be discarded and hands should be re-washed.
  • Patient and Staff Temperatures:  Temperatures of all staff and patients will be taken by a forehead thermometer upon arrival to the office. Forehead temperature readings >35.6 degrees Celcius are indicative of a fever.  If your initial forehead temperature > 35.6 degrees C you will be asked to leave the office and patients will be asked to reschedule from home.  If you are found to have a forehead temperature between 35.0 and 35.6, your temperature will be repeated after resting for 10-minutes.  If your temperature remains > 35.0 degrees C you will be asked to leave the office. Any staff or patients who realizes they are sick prior to their appointment or work day should stay home and notify the office by phone.
  • Masks: All staff will wear masks while with patients.  All patients are asked to wear their own mask to the office and those who can stay in a mask during treatment will be required to do so.  If a patient can not be in a mask for their treatment because it involves treatment of the face, the treating provider will also be required to utilize a face shield in addition to having the surgical air filter in the room and running at full capacity. 
  • Gloves: All staff will wear clean gloves while with patients. 
  • Hand washing: All staff must wash hands for 20-seconds pre and post every patient contact and post turning down room.
  • Cleaning/Sanitization. Cavicide spray or wipes will be used to wipe down all equipment and patient or staff touched surfaces, including but not limited to: door handles, counters, light switches, sink handles, chairs, keyboards, pens, clipboards, etc after every patient encounter.