My experiences at the Madison Medispa have been outstanding! Nine years ago I received vein treatments on my legs with Dr. Erdman. He and Tracy were extremely courteous, understanding, helpful and professional in every way. My consult was exceptional and Dr. Erdman shared with me exactly what to expect during the procedures and recovery. The results were everything I had hoped for. My legs felt and looked much better.

Two years ago I was again in need of vein work on my legs. Unfortunately, because of insurance coverage, I opted to go through a hospital system for my vein procedure. This was a completely opposite experience. Each visit I met with a different doctor and nurse. The hospital room wasn’t set up for these specific procedures. The doctor who performed the procedure had no bedside manner, never once speaking to me or even using my name. Worst of all, the procedure the doctor used was the wrong procedure for my situation. Not only did this entire procedure not properly treat my veins but it actually made my vein situation worse! I kept being told to give it more time but after a year I realized the hospital procedure simply didn’t work. I was told by the hospital nurse that any necessary next steps could not be done at that hospital and that I should look elsewhere for follow-up. I was extremely disappointed in the hospital experience.

Three months ago I went back to Dr. Erdman who had done such an excellent job with my vein problems years ago. I was reminded of the professionalism and compassion that he has for his patients, and of how his facility has rooms designed specifically for the different treatments they offer. His knowledge and ability to explain the procedure I would need was very reassuring. He assured me that through Sclerotherapy he would be able to take care of my troublesome veins – and he did! The day after the treatment Dr. Erdman contacted me to make sure everything was going well with my recovery – even on a Saturday!

Three months later I am once again extremely pleased with the results of Dr. Erdman’s work. I am so thankful for Dr. Erdman and his staff. I highly recommend Madison Medispa!