Everyone’s skin can benefit from professional skin rejuvenation treatments. Your skin goes through a lot on a daily basis, from sun exposure to environmental toxins. Over time, skin problems can build up and cause unpleasant textures. 

If you need to clear congested pores, get a radiant glow, and even your complexion, our skin rejuvenation procedures are the perfect fit for you. 

Acne and Scar Treatment

If you suffer from acne, you’re in good company. Millions of people around the world deal with clogged pores, painful breakouts, and unsightly acne scars. We offer skin rejuvenation procedures to treat acne and reduce visible scarring. When you leave our medspa, you can enjoy a clear complexion again. 

Acne Detox and Cleansing Treatments

Acne has a lot of possible causes at any age. Teenagers often break out from oil buildup and clogged pores. Adults with hormonal problems, rosacea, and oily skin can also get acne. In these cases, pore detox can help clear acne and restore a healthy balance to your skin. 

From chemical peels to prescription medicine, we have a wide variety of acne treatments. We evaluate your skin to see exactly what you need for a clear, even complexion. 

Whether you get a facial to detox your pores or a light therapy treatment, your skin will start to clear up with our skin rejuvenation treatments. 

Scar Reduction

Acne leaves behind scars and redness on your skin. If you have suffered from chronic acne and want to get rid of your scars, we have plenty of options for treatment.

We offer laser correction to reduce the appearance of scars. Sciton Halo is a laser resurfacing procedure that penetrates your skin to correct damage. This laser treatment can reduce scarring and treat sun damage. After your laser treatment, your skin will have a youthful glow. 

BroadBand Light (BBL) treatments target acne, scars, rosacea, and other pigmentation problems on your skin. Forever Young BBL treatment is a photofacial that uses light waves to get rid of sun spots, blemishes, and scars. This treatment is perfect for those who want an even, smooth complexion. 

Signature Facials

The Madison Medispa Signature Facial addresses a variety of skin conditions. Our Signature Facial is customized to give each patient optimal skin rejuvenation. We use nourishing ingredients to restore a luminous glow to your skin. 

During a Signature Facial, we cleanse your skin to get rid of dirt and debris. We use toner, a purifying solution that evens your skin tone and gets rid of leftover makeup and oils. Cleansing and toning are important steps in every skincare routine to keep your skin refreshed. 

We also exfoliate your skin to get rid of dead skin cells, which helps products soak into your pores. Our skin specialists perform extractions to squeeze out buildup from your pores. This happens to everyone’s skin over time, and extractions are a precise way to clear your pores of oil, dirt, and debris. 

Depending on your skin’s unique needs, we add specialized serums, masks, and moisturizers to your facial. We can correct signs of aging, sun damage, rough skin texture, and other common skin concerns. During your Signature Facial, you will experience the magic of skin rejuvenation and nourishment. 

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are facials that use skin-safe acids to exfoliate and renew your skin. The acids in each chemical peel remove a layer of your skin to expose the fresh, healthy skin underneath. We offer chemical peel blends ranging from mild to medium strength. 

This facial treatment corrects uneven skin tone, rough texture, fine lines, and acne. If you suffer from these skin concerns and regular exfoliation isn’t enough, a chemical peel could be just what you need. This skin rejuvenation procedure keeps your complexion fresh and free of dead skin cells. 

Retinol peels are wonderful anti-aging treatments that restore youth to your complexion. Retinol corrects problems with age-related damage, long-term sun exposure, and collagen loss. Your skin becomes more elastic and firm after retinol treatments, giving you a more youthful appearance. 


If gentle but effective physical exfoliation is what your skin needs, book a dermaplaning session. Dermaplaning uses a gentle, skin-friendly blade to remove dead skin cells, light facial hair, and other imperfections. 

This treatment works best for people without acne. The blade needs to glide across a smooth surface, and active breakouts can become irritated by dermaplaning. We want to make sure your skin is comfortable and safe. Dermaplaning is effective for removing old acne scars, but we recommend waiting until you’re not actively breaking out to get this treatment. 

Unlike chemical exfoliation, dermaplaning physically removes impurities and dead cells to renew your complexion. This gives your skin a smooth, soft texture. Dermaplaning is a good addition to our other skin rejuvenation treatments, like chemical peels. 

Premium Skin Rejuvenation Procedures

At Madison Medispa in Waunakee, WI, our expert skin specialists perform premium facials and other skin rejuvenation treatments. You get the full spa experience combined with professional skin expertise at our practice. Our goal is to refresh, renew, and revitalize your complexion so you can feel great about the way you look. 

Self-care is important, and taking care of your skin is a good way to practice this. We encourage you to book regular appointments for skin rejuvenation procedures and take time for yourself. You can sit back and relax while we take care of your beautiful skin. 

You deserve to feel as gorgeous as you look. For premium skin rejuvenation and a radiant glow, schedule a consultation at Madison Medispa today!