Are you striving to lose excess fat and tighten sagging skin? Diet and exercise alone often fail to address these issues. This is where body contouring procedures can help make a difference. Body sculpting and skin tightening treatments use advanced technology to rid your body of unwanted fat and create a tighter, more toned appearance. Our skilled and experienced providers at Madison Medispa offer Indiba body contouring treatment to help you drop excess fat from your problem areas while tightening loose skin. Read on to learn more about the benefits of body sculpting and how Indiba procedures work.

What Is Body Contouring?

Body contouring treatments are non-surgical, non-invasive procedures that can rid your body of unwanted fat cells and tighten sagging skin. These treatments use innovative technology like radiofrequency energy, laser heat energy, or intense cooling therapy to sculpt your body into a more desirable shape.

Depending on the technology being used, some body contouring treatments also tighten loose skin or enhance underlying muscle tone.

Indiba Body Contouring and Skin Tightening Treatment

Indiba Deep Beauty is a body contouring treatment that uses radiofrequency energy to deliver thermal heat deep into the body’s tissues, directly targeting fat cells. This FDA-approved cosmetic procedure uses a fixed frequency of 448 kHz to stimulate stem cell proliferation while inhibiting fat deposits.

This technology can also stimulate chondrocytes, which increases cartilage proliferation. The result is a decrease in fat cells and a natural tightening of loose skin.

Indiba body contouring can be used on the stomach, buttocks, hips, thighs, arms, back, and even the face. This non-invasive outpatient procedure offers the following benefits:

  • Removing unwanted fat cells
  • Tightening sagging skin
  • Reducing cellulite
  • Activating metabolism
  • Diminishing wrinkles
  • Rebalancing cells
  • Preventing new fat formation in treated areas

Some of the biggest benefits of Indiba body sculpting are in the procedure itself. Indiba Deep Beauty is a non-surgical procedure, meaning there are no incisions, sutures, or scarring involved.

This outpatient treatment allows patients to return home immediately after their session is complete. No recovery or downtime is necessary after Indiba body sculpting and skin tightening.

The Indiba Body Contouring Process

Before your Indiba body contouring session, you should have a clear understanding of the process. Below is a guide to the entire Indiba body contouring and skin tightening procedure from beginning to end.

Before Indiba Body Contouring

Before having an Indiba body contouring session, you will consult with our medical providers. We will examine your current figure and discuss your desired result. We want to make sure that you are a good candidate for body contouring. If not, we will recommend other cosmetic treatments that are a better fit.

If you are a good candidate for Indiba, we will schedule your first session. There is no preparation necessary before having this body sculpting treatment. It is recommended that you wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing to your appointment, but it is not required.

During Indiba Body Contouring

During your Indiba body sculpting and skin tightening session, you will be able to sit or lie down comfortably while we administer the treatment. Using the handheld Indiba device, we will carefully deliver radiofrequency thermal heat deep into the tissue of your pre-determined treatment areas.

Most of our patients have Indiba treatment in some combination of the stomach, hips, buttocks, arms, and thighs.

The thermal heat emitted by the Indiba device will directly interact with your body’s fat cells, breaking them down to later be flushed from your body. This radiofrequency energy also stimulates new cell growth, promoting a tightening of the skin that has loosened or sagged over time.

Your Indiba treatment session can last anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour, depending on the areas being treated. You should not expect to feel much discomfort during your session. Most of our patients report feeling only a slight warmth emitted from the device.

After Indiba Body Contouring

Once your Indiba session is complete, you will be able to return home and resume normal activity. There is no recovery or downtime involved.

To see optimal results, we recommend that you return for multiple sessions. Most patients typically schedule four to six sessions spaced one to two weeks apart. After this initial round of treatment, you should see a significant reduction in body fat and skin sagging, as well as cellulite. 

Are You a Good Candidate for Body Contouring and Skin Tightening?

The ideal candidate for body contouring treatment is a patient who is within range of their ideal body weight but carrying some excess fat in certain areas of the body. Indiba patients may also have loose skin, cellulite, or wrinkling in these areas.

Body sculpting procedures like Indiba are not weight loss procedures. They are not intended for patients who have moderate to significant excess weight on their bodies. These patients may benefit more from weight loss treatments like liposuction.

The best way to find out whether Indiba body contouring is right for you is by scheduling a consultation. Our professionals will work with you to assess your aesthetic goals to determine whether body sculpting is the best course of treatment to meet your needs.

Body Contouring at Madison Medispa

When you’re struggling to drop unwanted fat or tighten sagging skin, a body contouring procedure can help you achieve your desired figure. Body contouring and skin tightening treatments use innovative technology to create a slimmer, more sculpted physique.

Madison Medispa in Waunakee, WI, offers Indiba body contouring to tighten loose skin and rid your body of excess fat. Contact us online or by phone to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced medical providers.