Toenail Fungus

Toenail Fungus

ClearToe Laser Treatment For Fingernails And Toenails

Nail fungus is prevalent worldwide and up until now, has had very limited, ineffective, and undesirable treatment options. These options include topical antifungal creams that cannot penetrate the nail adequately to completely eradicate fungus, oral antifungals that may be toxic to the liver, or permanent removal of the nail.

What it Treats:

Mild to moderate fungal nail infections. It is unlikely to be effective for advanced cases with severely thickened nails or infections that have progress all the way to the base of the nail.

Procedure Time:

Approximately 15-30 minutes.

Typical Recovery Time and Side Effects:

Minimal to none.


While some patients will see complete clearing, the best chance for this is if the infections is treated very early on. Unfortunately, most patients present with more advanced changes and although nail appearance is likely to improve with treatment, it is unlikely the infection can be completely cleared.

How Does ClearToe Laser Treatment Work?

ClearSense technology heats the nail and the nail bed with laser energy resulting in a decrease of nail fungus and temporary increase in the growth of clear nails. With ClearSense’s technology, the practitioner knows when he or she reaches the optimum clinical endpoint, maximizing treatment efficacy, comfort and safety.

Sciton 1064nm ClearToe treatment is typically done over a series of 3 sessions. During each session the nail is heated to the point that any actively growing fungal elements will be destroyed. Treatment also stimulates nail growth, helping push out the diseased portion of the nail which is replaced by healthy nail growing in behind it.

After the initial series of treatments, most patients will return 1-2 times per year for maintenance. This treatment is most effective for mild to moderate infections that are caught early in their course and not yet extended to the base of the nail. It is for cosmetic treatment purposes only. If you are having pain, ingrown nails, infection around the nail, or require help trimming your nails, please see your podiatrist.

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Toenail Fungus