You may have noticed small veins on your hands, ranging in color from blue and red to purple. You’re not alone – this condition, known as spider or varicose veins, is common among adults of all ages and genders. If you are uncomfortable with their appearance, sclerotherapy might be suitable for removing your hand veins. 

Here at Madison Medispa in Waunakee, WI, we are committed to helping you look and feel your best. We understand firsthand how self-conscious and embarrassed some people might think about visible veins on their hands; that is why we offer sclerotherapy for our clients. Fortunately, sclerotherapy is a safe and effective procedure that helps reduce the appearance of hand veins, treating them so that they’re less noticeable or completely gone.

What Are Hand Veins, and What Causes Them to Appear?

Hand veins are prominent veins that appear on the hands for various reasons. The main cause of hand veins is aging, where the thinning skin around the veins and slow dilation of the veins themselves tend to make them more evident. Other causes include genetics, sun exposure, and lifestyle habits. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to limit the visibility of these veins, starting with sclerotherapy. 

What Is Sclerotherapy and How Does It Work to Treat Hand Veins?

Sclerotherapy is a non-invasive procedure that can be used to treat superficial veins anywhere in the body, including the hands and wrists. It involves injecting a particular medical solution directly into the affected area to cause the vein walls to collapse and ultimately disappear. This technique has been used for many years by doctors and nurses alike. Still, it’s only recently become popular among people looking for an effective solution to their hand vein problems.

The medical solution used in sclerotherapy works by causing an inflammatory reaction within the treated area. This reaction causes the walls of the affected vein(s) to become inflamed, which then causes them to collapse and eventually disappear altogether. The entire process usually takes three to four weeks, during which patients will begin to see a noticeable improvement in their hand veins. Once completed, sclerotherapy can provide lasting results with minimal downtime or discomfort—perfect for those with busy schedules. 

What Are the Benefits of Sclerotherapy Treatment for Hand Veins?

Benefits of this hand sclerotherapy treatment include minimal risk and no required downtime afterward, allowing individuals to return to normal activities immediately following their treatment. Additionally, sclerotherapy offers long-lasting results without needing repeated treatments or maintenance. Overall, hand sclerotherapy is an effective and safe solution for treating hand veins in some individuals with minimal discomfort and maximum benefit.

How Long Does the Treatment Take and What Is the Recovery Time Like?

Sclerotherapy is a medical procedure used to treat varicose veins and spider veins. It’s a minimally invasive, injection-based treatment that involves an injectable solution to close off diseased veins so the body can reabsorb them. Sclerotherapy is proven to be safe and effective with minimal side effects. Still, if you consider it an option for yourself or someone else, it’s essential to understand how long the process takes and what kind of recovery time frame you should plan for afterward.


During your consultation process, we will discuss with you the sclerotherapy procedure and expectations so that we can make an informed decision about the best approach for your hand vein treatment.


During this procedure, which typically takes about 30 minutes, a medication called Polidocanol (trade name Asclara) is injected into the hand veins. The medication damages the vein wall, destroying the targeted vein. 

Afterward, the body will naturally dissolve it within the coming months. Most patients require four to six treatments spaced out monthly for optimal results, though some may require fewer or additional treatments depending on their hand vein condition. We ensure that hand sclerotherapy is as minimally painful and effective as possible to keep recovery time as short as possible.

Recovery and Aftercare

Once hand sclerotherapy has been completed, the hand vein treatment will show the desired results very quickly. Your hands may need to be taped, and you should do your best to keep them slightly elevated throughout the day after treatment. Although slight aching or discomfort can occur in the first 12 hours, this should be gone by morning. 

The most common side effects are bruising and “trapped blood,” which will resolve independently over the next 1-2 weeks. After healing is complete, treated veins will collapse into a small solid cord that will not be visible and slowly dissolve away over 3 months.

What Qualifies Me to Have This Treatment?

Anyone looking for an effective way to reduce the visibility of their hand veins may be a good candidate for sclerotherapy. This procedure works best on small or medium-sized veins causing aesthetic concerns rather than medical problems. Additionally, individuals should have realistic expectations about what this procedure can do before considering it as an option for treating their hand veins.  

Say Goodbye to Your Hand Veins at Madison Medspa

At Madison Medispa, we know the frustration of those embarrassing and unwanted veins on the hands; sclerotherapy can be a great solution! We proudly offer sclerotherapy services to clients in both Waunakee and Madison. This semi-invasive procedure is safe and effective, with minimal side effects. By injecting a sclerosing solution into the problem veins, we can effectively shrink them, resulting in smoother skin. Contact us today for a consultation – we look forward to assisting you!


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